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Had a great time on the Woman to Woman show on  Premier Christian Radio with Maria Rodrigues.  I really had a change to discuss the lack of female musicians in music but this time in a Church setting.   You can listen back to the interview as well as hear my live performance of ‘Amazing Grace’, my original compositions ‘My Love and It’s All Good. Enjoy

Where Are All The Female Musicians?

Keep The Faith Issue 102 Sample Millicent Stephenson Where Are All The Female MusiciansReally bowled over this week!  My article ‘Where Are All the Female Musicians?’  received a double page feature in ‘Keep the Faith’ Magazine Issue 102, which went live this week. The link to the article on page 16 & 17 is below.

I explore the shortage of women in church music despite the fact that most of the congregation is predominately female.

When you’ve read it, please let me know what you think.  I would love to hear from you.  Please comment below.

Radio Air Play – Premier Christian Radio

***My condolences go out to the families affected by the recent bombing in Manchester. The bombing has resulted in my Premier Radio interview being postponed as the Station is covering the incident and leading prayer.  I will let you know the new date.  Thank you for your understanding. God bless.***

Original post:

Why is it that there are so few women in music, and in particular within Church music?  This is what we’ll be discussing next Tuesday (23rd May 2017), 11am on Maria Rodrigues ‘Woman To Woman’, show on Premier Christian Radio.

I’m pretty excited about this invitation to discuss a topic so close to my heart so if you can please tune on On MW 1305, 1332, 1413 & 1566 in London and Surrey, DAB nationally, Freeview 725, iPhone and Android apps  Premier Christian Radio London.


How was ‘Take The Controls’?

How was ‘Take the Controls’? Cafemnee’s March event was brilliant!  23 women attended the day to take the controls of their music and here are some of their comments about the day:

  • ‘Getting paid has always been a taboo. I’m glad for the information’
  • ‘This has opened my knowledge so much, on how to deal with different situations when controlling and using my talent’
  • ‘Really enjoyed the vocal session where I received a critique of my voice and overall song performance from a very talented and knowledgeable tutor.
  • Really personable!  Abigail was great to work with – I learned a few very valuable points’
  • ‘Will apply the tip of using a timer for my practise sessions’
  • ‘It helped me to start considering myself as an artiste with a marketable commodity, rather than just someone who sings’
  •  ‘Confidence building! I’m getting better at networking.  Great playing with other musicians’
  • ‘I did feel more confident with improvising.  It’s slowly getting better’.
  • ‘Really good meeting with other women musicians and artiste who want to progress their music career and get out there!’

Watch the ‘Take The Controls’ highlights on

Vimeo (Ad Free)

Or YouTube