Cafemnee ‘Take The Controls’ Promo Video

Hope your weekend is going well.

Just taking two and a half minutes to tell you about our brilliant Cafemnee day ‘Take The Controls’ coming up in two weeks time.  The video spells out the content of each session. It’s taken me over 30 years of working in the Industry to figure some of these things out but I will be sharing them with the women on Saturday 4th March, 9.30am until 4.30pm.

Both Cafemnee ‘Take The Controls’ promo videos are the same, but one is on YouTube and the other on Vimeo which is ad free.

Please share with your friends and if you haven’t booked already why not Book now to secure your place. Payment details are below.

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Cafemnee Bonus Session and Early Bird finishes 31st Jan

Cafemnee Sat 4th March 2017 Bonus Session

Cafemnee Sat 4th March 2017 Bonus Session

A bonus session has been added to the day Ladies!  Starting at 9.30am we have the ‘Music Industry Hour‘.  Where we will look at relevant music industry and business topics and how they relate to you.

I‘m looking forward to sharing some of the things I’ve learnt in moving my music from a hobby to a stable business and also hearing your experiences too. How did I move from zero pay to covering all my living expenses?

In 5 weeks time (March 4th) we will explore ‘Getting Paid’:
• Should I work for free?
• When is it right to charge?
• What should I charge?
Tips, advice and insight into elements that will help to accelerate your musical success. Don’t forget the Early Bird of £20 finishes on 31st Jan, which is 6 days! After this the day is £25.

What else is on the day?

Take The Controls

Whether you are a woman starting out in music, returning to music, see music as an hobby or are working in music full or part time you have the controls but how will you use them?

The world of music has changed.  Once upon a time music moghuls and large recording labels controlled the market now the opposite it true.  Apps, mobile phones, tablets, computers now put your talent firmly into your own hands.

So what can you control?
The controls will be different for each of us but we will address the points for each stage of the music journey and tips too.

By the way, it’s about you! In session 2 ‘Control starts here’, you will be looking at your specific areas that you need to take control of and how you are going to do it.


Jam Session

The Jam session is for instrumentalist (musicians) and is facilitated by Cynthia Fearon.  Three things will be covered:

Cafemnee Poster for March 2017 Take The Controls

Cafemnee Sat 4th March 2017

1. Warm up
2. Material for beginner players
3. Material to stretch non-beginners.

This session is shared support so please give and receive support and tips to help improve you and your sisters playing.

Please bring your instrument and amp if required.  (There will be one keyboard provided and a basic PA system for microphones)

It’s important that you book soon so we can plan for you.

Vocal Masterclass

The vocal masterclass is for Singers and is facilitated by Abigail Kelly.  Three things will be covered:
1. Vocal warm up (whole group)
2. Fifteen minute one to one vocal advice (up to four singers)
3. Sound pooling (whole group).

One to one masterclass
All Singers should come prepared with a verse and chorus of a song they would like help with.  You can sing with or without backing track.  Abigail will give advice on how to tackle your vocal problem. This will take place in front of the other attendees of the Vocal masterclass.

As there won’t be enough places for everyone, to make it fair, on the day all interested singers names will be put into a hat.  Names will be pulled out and those sisters will have the one to one opportunity.   Those who do not get to present will still learn from the experience of the sisters.

Sound Pooling
A group exercise in listening, reacting and offering of your voice to create a landscape of sound.  Intrigued?  Come along and experience this and how it will enhance your voice.

It’s important that you book soon so we can plan for you.

Don’t forget to book your place now!  Early Bird of £20 finishes on 31st Jan, in 6 days! After this it is £25.

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How To Grow Successfully As A Performing Artiste

Not Just Jazz III Millicent-65

Millicent at Not Just Jazz III

So my plan is to blog every two weeks!

Starting from next Friday (29th July) and every two weeks after that I’ll be sharing tips I have learnt about growing successfully as a performing artist as well as the latest on my gigs, pictures, videos, recordings, Not Just Jazz, etc. so whether your a fan, interested in the music business or just curious then please pop back.

Why not set your alarm? Put it in your diary? Better still why not sign up for a monthly notification?  Send your name and email address to to join my mailing list.

I look forward to seeing you next week.  Bye for now!




Hectic But Worth It

This week was pretty hectic but worth it!  Late nights and early rises and it’s not yet finished.  So I’ve just grabbed a few minute to let you know the latest:

  • Last Sunday I was on the ‘Urban Sound Suite‘ show at Black Country Radio with Matt Houston
  • Monday evening at Jam Radio with DJ Dragon Irie.
  • As Executive Producer proofing, checking and finalising the artwork for my album ‘Reflective Notes’.  Thanks Adrian,
  • Also agreeing the final mixes for the tracks on the album.  Thanks Ruben and Noval. Kingship Studios.
  • Liaising with the CD Replication company and managing and meeting the Friday deadline so that, all being well, the physical CD will be ready for my show ‘Not Just Jazz III‘ at the Crescent Theatre, Friday 8th July
  • Attending the Dance rehearsal last night for the show with Amayra Fuller – still a little achy today -LOL!
  • Teaching and preparing for one of my student’s Grade 3 Sax exam.
  • And now getting ready to play at a 50th Birthday party tonight in Manchester and a Father’s Day church service tomorrow, back in Birmingham.

It is a little hectic, worth it and I’m enjoying every minute.

Will speak soon!


Andy Hamilton Remembered

Andy HamiltonIt’s really good to know that Andy’s influence and contribution to improving the lives of many young people over the years through music, including mine, is still remembered.  Paradise Circus in Birmingham City Centre is undergoing a multi million pound redevelopment and a campaign spearheaded by Councillor Osborn is garnering support for having a statue of  Andy in the Centre.  Brilliant news!   Many of us who were under his tutelage have continued and developed in music.  If this project goes through then Andy will be remembered by the City and its visitors for decades to come – great news! Read more on page 12 of the June issue of the Phoenix Newspaper:

A Day In The Life Of Millicent Stephenson

Millicent Stephenson Studio Recording CD 2Last Tuesday was one of those long yet fulfilling days in my musical life.  The morning started at 8.30am where I ran my fingers over the songs for the day.  10am, the second day of recording where I  laid down the backing vocals and lead Sax lines for tracks on my up coming CD.  I decided that this time I would lay down the background vocals myself. I have to admit that I did under estimate the time…and my patience…to lay down the harmonies with attention to matching dynamics, articulation and rhythms across each part. Not for the faint hearted! 🙂  I really enjoyed collaborating with Ruben and Noval (Kingship Music) recording, taking, retaking, listening back, evaluating, editing…

Millicent Stephenson Her Excellency, The Honorouble Aloun Ndombet-AssambaThe day had not yet finished, I left the Studio at 3pm, dashed home, quick late lunch and prep for the evening gig.  Also completing some pressing admin for Not Just Jazz III (my show with Live Band on Friday 8th July, 7.30pm Crescent Theatre, Birmingham – see Not Just Jazz Page for more details).  Then taught 4.45pm until 6pm after which I got ready and arrived at the The Drum (7.50pm).  Here I performed a couple of numbers in the farewell evening hosted by the Association of Jamaican Nationals (Birmingham) chaired by Beverly Lindsay OBE, OD, and attended by representatives from across the City, for Her Excellency, The Honourable  Aloun Ndombet-Assamba the outgoing High Commissioner of Jamaica.

All told I was not home until after 11pm, a day in my life ending.  Shattered but fulfilled.  Not every day in the life of Millicent Stephenson is this intense but they are very packed and varied.  I would not swop my work as a professional musician for anything, too enjoyable!

Pictures below by Poppy Brady (Reporter for The Voice, Newspaper) taken at the farewell evening for Her Excellency, The Honourable  Aloun Ndombet-Assamba the outgoing High Commissioner of Jamaica.  Tues 26th April 2016:





Busy Bee Weekend

Busy Bee Weekend

BBC Radio WM MicHave you ever had one of those weekends where you wished there was more hours in the day?  This is one for me, a ‘busy bee’ weekend!  This morning I carried out an interview for the Lighting technician position for ‘Not Just Jazz II‘;  Hassled with traffic from there to teach a clarinet lesson across the City; Rehearsed with the BVs for my concert; Now to rehearse for tomorrow’s gig. Oh and Saturday – load up and perform in Oxford; Sunday – Church, family time, then head to BBC Radio WM in the evening for an interview. Back to teaching Monday; some how and some where find time to finalise Set requirements before the penultimate practise with the Band on Tuesday for ‘Not Just Jazz II’. Not forgetting admin, lesson prep, eat, sleep,  future gig enquiries – just a little manic, but I’ll get there. I wonder how the Bees do it?

Yes, so Sunday night  ‘Chatback‘ with Nikki Tapper and Joe Aldred, BBC Radio WM, 8pm – 10pm. I’ll be discussing my latest projects. Tune in online or BBC WM 95.6 (UK).