‘Play It Like A Man’ – 7th Feb 2015

‘Play It Like A Man’ is something I’ve heard time and time again. Perhaps you have too but in February we will explore what it means, your experiences of the statement, its impact on your playing. Address questions like – should it impact your playing? Are you OK for a girl? Should you leave it to the men to play now you are older, married, started a family, etc?  Are their aspects to celebrate about being a female player? Women, we’re going to tease this out in our next session.

Wai-Sum Chong

‘Wai Sum Chong is a freelance pianist specializing in accompaniment. Based in the West Midlands, she found her niche 7 years ago as a ballet pianist working with companies and schools such as the Birmingham Royal Ballet, Scottish Ballet, Matthew Bourne’s New Adventures, School of Ballet Theatre UK and Elmhurst School for Dance. She is currently Musical Director of the Midland Theatre Ballet. Apart from her dance – based activities, Wai Sum also teaches piano privately and works with dementia sufferers by performing live concerts organised by Lost Chord and Music in Hospitals. Wai Sum also plays the djembe and spent a few years learning the violin’

 She will cover:

– What is articulation? Have you got it?
– Physical differences between men and women which contribute to articulation
– Accessing good articulation – technique , listening, imagination, knowledge
– Demonstration – ‘The Good, the Bad , and the Ugly’
– Q and A session

Not forgetting a lovely lunch, prayer, make friends, jamming, networking, fun!

Date: Saturday 7th Feb 2015

Time: 1pm until 6pm.

Venue:  Unit 8, 62-64 Northwood Street, Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham.

Cost: £15.

1 Piano, 1 keyboard, microphones, PA equipment (including bass and guitar amps), and a basic drum kit (Drummers bring your breakables) will be there.

The booking fee is £5 (non-refundable) and thanks to those who paid it by 19th December. I know cash is tight this time of year but please make sure that your balance of £10 or full fee of £15 is paid by 30th January (or sooner) as it only gives me a week to the event to finalise everything.

Inbox me for booking form and bank details: info@millicentstephenson.com

By the way –  CFMNE is Christian Female Musicians Networking Event.  It is for female instrumentalist.  Women who are not Christians or church goers are also welcomed to attend.


  1. Hi M illicent. Thanks so much for this. I am looking forward to attending the next event God willing.

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