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3 essential music career tips you can do now to make it in the industry and build a full-time career Success Beyond The Score

‘10 Reasons Why They Will Pay You Before Gig Day!’ https://www.successbeyondthescore.com/getpaidbeforegigday Hello, everybody, I am Millicent Stephenson and I want to start this episode wishing you the best of the best for this new year 2022! I hope you had the opportunity to celebrate the holidays, rest and get ready to smash all your goals. Actually, today's theme is perfect to start the year: from each of my guests, we are going to hear at least three essential tips, things you can do now to help you make it in the music industry. It condenses all the other advice and experience we have enjoyed through all the season, which is great and so useful, isn't it? Please be aware of the fact these interviews happened during different moments of the pandemic, so the outlook of the guests might vary. Also, all of these conversations took place over Zoom, which means you might hear a difference in sound quality between the intro and the recordings. Let's find out what Anna Brooks, Tony Bean, Louise Dengate, Dan Whitehouse, Abigail Kelly and Ruby Turner MBE think is needed for success.  0.00 Introduction 02:07 Anna Brooks – International touring saxophonist, recording artiste, arranger and director. http://annabrooks.rocks/ Tips: Passion. Calling. Study be it formal or self-study.  Build a Portfolio Career. 11:10 Tony Bean – CEO and founder of 5AM Records. International Artiste Developer, Songwriter and Record Producer Tips: Studying; Working for Free or Paid; Get your material heard; Invest in yourself; Don’t look for lucky break. Networking and everybody is somebody. 15:58 Louise Dengate Choir director, vocal coach and agency director, https://louisedengate.wixsite.com/home Tips: Increase your skill. Get a really good teacher.  Know who you are and where you fit.  TV music competitions pros and cons. Just get out there. 23:05 Dan Whitehouse – acclaimed composer and songwriter currently signed with Reveal Records. http://www.dan-whitehouse.com https://www.dan-whitehouse.com/ Tips: Listen to your inner artist; relationships; how to build an audience; reflection. dealing with distractions 30:59 Abigail Kelly – an award winning international operatic soprano & Ambassador for the National Touring Opera. https://www.abigailkellysoprano.com/ Tips: Have a side hustle and safety blanket; know your stuff; learn who you are as a performer – practise!  Know how you are going to represent yourself for auditions etc; don’t take yourself too seriously 40:41 Ruby Turner Ruby Turner MBE -singer-songwriter, US R&B number 1 chart hit and actress http://www.rubyturner.com/ Tips: Individuality. Stay focus and stay on course.  Distractions.  Follow your heart.  Listen to yourself.  Be armed with knowledge of the business and know how the money is being spent. Gigging realities. The nice route and fast track, doesn’t last. Live it and experience. 47:38 Conclusion 47:58 Ten Reason Why They Will Pay You Before Gig Day #musiccareer #3essentialtips #musicindustry
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