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  1. I’ve been using Harry’s “reeds” for over a decade. Today, I’m a user of his Black Onyx MS models on both my Selmer Mark VI tenor (from 1959-60) and my Kessler Model 2 Bass Clarinet.
    Nothign else even comes close. Bye-bye cane.

  2. Dedication with an indepth musical passion, always will bring out the very best in you..keep on keeping on!
    Trevor Junior

  3. Life’s “peak” and “trough” moments can really help you to learn and grow and I feel blessed to bless. God is so good!

    When I wrote the song “You”, I wanted to include family and good friends in an accompanying inter-generational video. Encouraging, flexible and humble, it was pure pleasure to work with Carlene. Keep climbing team Cafemnee and thank you again my dear djembe drumming friend!!

  4. Wow this line up look great, what joy! I hope I can get to view at least some of it, it will be most refreshing to break the stresses of my community nursing commitments

  5. Thank you Millicent for writing this article for World Menopause Day.

    I too worried when I was told my temperature had to be taken prior to attending my most recent dental appointment.

    Thank God at that moment I was not having a hot flush but no quicker than being lowered into the dental chair, I could feel my body temperature 🤒 rising. I then had to say – this is menopausal heat that I’m experiencing!

    I attended a CIPD seminar two years ago, where they talked about the menopause in the workplace. I must dig out those books and share them with others.

    Take care and I look forward to attending another one of your events when all this is over with in 2021! Fingers crossed 🤞. God bless and stay safe healthy and well my friend xx