Not Just Jazz IV Team

I created Not Just Jazz four years ago.  The team has grown and developed.  So thank you Jack and Jas (JET Lighting); Nigel (Bass), Reuben (Guitar) Laurence (Stage Manager), Nikoma and Vince (Sound), Noval (keys), Warren (Drums), Mikolaj, Chris, Waheeda and Bilal (Treehouse Ltd (Video production)); Andrea, Jamila and Juliette (Backing Vocals); Michael (Operations Manager); Dancers CJ and Sun.Rei. Not forgetting the people who make me look good. Vanessa (Make-up); Samantha and Wanita (Sg Hair); Maureen (My outfit). Crescent Theatre Staff in particular Ruth, Zel, Naomi, James, Sid, Joe; Anthony McFarlane (Photography).  Could not have done it without you.

Great working with you Not Just Jazz IV Team.

Bless you all.


Photos by Mac13SoulPhotographic


Black and White Tonight at Not Just Jazz IV

Hours to go to my Show.  Just a quick peek at some early black and white shots by Anthony McFarlane. Superb! there will be more black and white shots tonight at Not Just Jazz IV.  Will post them soon, so keep in touch. If you want to come along contact the Crescent Theatre for tickets, last few available: