Hartmann Fiberreed Endorsement by Millicent Stephenson

As a professional saxophonist I need reliable reeds. I’ve been on the lookout for a good synthetic reed for some time now as, in my opinion; there has been a decline in the quality of the Cane reeds I prefer. After much trial and error, I came across Hartmann ‘Hemp’ Fiberreed which is made from both natural and synthetic fibres. A win-win for me!

What else do I like about Hartmann reeds?  Why do I think they are better than most? Why did I have my Hemp reed customised?  Check out my video below for my answers.

By the way, if you wish to visit Harry Hartmann’s Fiberreed website or purchase any of the reeds then please visit from here: Shop on Harry Hartmann Fiberreed website or the logo below, as a percentage of this will come to me which will help with maintaining my website and creating great music. Thank you.

Harry Hartmann's Fiberreed Logo

If you want to find me on Harry Hartmann’s Fiberreed site I am here: Millicent on Hartmann Website
but remember if you wish to Shop then click here instead Shop on Harry Hartmann Fiberreed website

Millicent endorses Harry Hartmann’s Fiberreed, a cutting edge high-tech German woodwind reed manufacturer who specialise in creating the reeds combining natural and synthetic fibres. Millicent was invited to Endorse by Harry Hartmann (Inventor, Entrepreneur and Saxophonist).

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  1. I’ve been using Harry’s “reeds” for over a decade. Today, I’m a user of his Black Onyx MS models on both my Selmer Mark VI tenor (from 1959-60) and my Kessler Model 2 Bass Clarinet.
    Nothign else even comes close. Bye-bye cane.

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