‘Quickening Spirit’ on Easter Sunday

Daffodils blooming in London

By the time this gets posted, I will be in the middle of a sound check to perform during the Easter Celebration service of the Triumphant Church International. You know, music has the kind of magic that allows you to celebrate and work at the same time. The theme of TCI for this year’s celebration is what they have called the Quickening Spirit, or how the same spirit that resurrected Jesus Christ shall quicken us from our own predicaments.

There is indeed a quickening spirit in the air. In an out of the church, people are celebrating. After all, we are going through the beginning of spring at this side of the planet, an occasion important for people of every faith. Some days ago, I myself shared a bit of my childhood memories of newborn lambs and daffodils about to flourish. I mentioned the chocolate eggs that I rarely had in my early years, the same I don’t seek nowadays, despite the fact that they chase me through advertising everywhere I look. I fondly recalled the paper mache hill that I once made to represent the Golgotha.

Some people retreat, some people travel. Some people pray, some others party. Some people relax, some people work. Even if we don’t share beliefs, or even if we do but we celebrate differently, I am grateful because we have the opportunity to be diverse, and to coexist and enrich each others lives with that diversity.

In any case, I am looking forward to see some of you during the service in celebration of Easter Sunday by TCI. The address is 136 West Green Rd, Tottenham, London N15 5AD, and we start at noon. Remember that there will be some disruptions in traffic due to the Extinction Rebellion Climate Change demonstrations. Travel safely, and leave home a bit earlier, just in case!

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