What do I listen to? – Dimash Kudaibergen

Dimash Kudaibergen

I listen to a lot of very different music. I enjoy a variety of styles and I am always up to explore new genres, looking for inspiration, motivation and the pure happiness that music can bring. Surfing around the web, I came across this star from Kazakhstan about a month ago.

Dimash Kudaibergen

Truth be told, Dimash took the internet by storm and I would be surprised if someone didn’t catch the wave. This 24 years old singer arrived to amaze us all with a vocal range of six octaves (from D2 to D8), which covers from bass to soprano and more. That alone is fascinating enough, but Dimash has more: listening to his creative fusion of classical music and pop is emotional and inspiring, watching his charisma unfold on stage is a lot of fun. His performance is always seamless, his technique flawless, truly, we are in front of a superb musician.

I tried to get one of his albums from Amazon, but it seems that they are not available in the United Kingdom for now. The good news is that he has an official YouTube channel, and that his talent has spread through multiple platforms. My favourite video so far is his rendition of “Opera N. 2”, a song originally composed by the Russian singer Vitas, where Dimash teases the audience with his superhuman vocal range. Give it a watch, I am sure you will enjoy!

“Opera 2” (Vitas, 2000) sang by Dimash in 2017

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