The many voices of the saxophone.

Polish sax quartet The Whoop Group

When a saxophone is mentioned, people normally think of jazz and George Michael’s Careless Whisper. The saxophone is indeed an outstanding instrument in both the genre and the famous ballad, but it has way much more to offer. It is because I know it that I named my show “Not Just Jazz”, or well, it was at least one of the reasons. Here, I give a couple of examples, which were recently brought to my attention by Angela, my PR manager.

Most people will be familiar with this piece, the third movement of Vivaldi’s Concerto No. 2 in G minor, Op. 8, RV 315, “Summer“. It was composed for the violin, but that has not stopped Polish sax quartet “The Whoop Group” from giving us this phenomenal version. There are bigger assembles, too, a quick search on YouTube will reveal groups of up to twelve saxophones!

In the other hand, on July 28th, a gentleman playing the alto saxophone was spotted among the crowd who awaited for Egan Bernal, champion of the Tour de France 2019, to cross the final line in the Champs-Élysées.

He is playing a rendition of the song “Colombia, tierra querida” (Colombia, dear land), a folkloric song of the cumbia genre which is widely considered the popular national anthem for the country. The enthusiastic way in which this person plays, and how the Colombians around him join him singing to celebrate the victory of their cyclist, speak of the versatility of the saxophone and brings a smile to the face.

What about you? What is the most unexpected voice of the saxophone you have encountered? Let me know here or in my Facebook page.

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