News from Cafemnee: the next workshop is here!

Cafemnee does not stop. We had a successful workshop on Saturday 6th April, called “Go for Gold in 2019”, where the focus was on maximising practise to propel de careers of the attendants in the music industry. Now, we are going to have a new workshop on Saturday 9th November, called “Owning your Spot”, where everything will be about performance: how to engage the audience, how to project and encompass the whole space, and much more. The day will be full of activities, including our brand new open mic showcase, where attendants will be able to perform in a safe and positive environment, to then receive specialized feedback from a panel of experts.

Are you a female musician, singer, songwriter and/or producer? Do you have the desire to go a bit further in what you do? Join us, tickets are already available. You can find all the information following this link.

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