A New Voice In The MU Executive Committee

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I am happy to announce that I have been assigned a seat in the Musicians’ Union Executive Committee. As the national governing body of the union, the Executive Committee is the one in charge of giving the specific or general instructions for the implementation of the rules and the management of the affairs of the Union. This is a huge responsibility, as the Union watches over the wellbeing and fair conditions of work of all musicians across the United Kingdom, and also an amazing opportunity to work towards the improvement of our industry, one that I accept with joy.

I originally joined the union while looking for advice in the transition from my music hobby into a career. The valuable work I found there in regards to training, resources and other tools to empower musicians was very captivating, and my involvement with their activities ended in me being elected to the Midlands Regional Committee in January 2018 and soon later, into the MU Equalities Sub Committee. The journey has been as inspiring as it has been satisfying, and I am delighted to take this next step into the EC. I promise a more comprehensive post on what the committee does and what I want to achieve for the union when 2020 starts. In the meantime, you can learn more about the Musicians’ Union in the official website.

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