UK, did you forget to order your Christmas gifts? Go digital!

Today, Wednesday 18th December, was the deadline to get gifts delivered in time for the holidays. Anything sent starting tomorrow will not make it in time for Christmas Eve or Boxing Day. We hope these are not bitter news for anybody! But if you could not get your gifts in the post office, don’t despair: you can always go digital.

Giving music, movies, videogames, online vouchers and subscriptions as Christmas gifts might seem a bit impersonal at first, but they can actually make for fab gifts: you introduce your friends to fantastic tunes for their playlists, to moving stories that they will remember for a long while, or you can even open the door for a new skill and job through e-learning services!

Give an opportunity to digital. Here, you can purchase Reflective Notes and Take Me To The King in multiple different digital platforms to give Millicent’s music in this holiday time. Hope you enjoy!

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