Secrets to make your next gig better than your last!

If you have been listening to my podcast Success Beyond The Score, you already know that I wrote a booklet to launch with the first episodes. This is more than just some additional freebie to congratulate my first listeners. On the contrary, Revealed: 25 Secrets Of The Successful Gigging Musician, Singer, Rapper & Spoken Word Artiste is the best of the best in terms of advice to help you find your path in music, a refined and practical guide that comes from my experience as a multi-award saxophonist.

I am confident this booklet will cast a new light on how to tackle the challenges you have found on your path as a musician. You can find even more advice in the podcast, and if you are female, you can also attend the workshops I organize with my project Cafemnee. I wish you the best for your artistic endeavours!

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