‘Pleasing Your Audience’ | New CAFEMNEE workshop

Some of you are already familiar with Cafemnee, my project to empower women in music through education, promotion and networking. We have two big events per year, and the next one, called “Pleasing Your Audience”, is coming on Saturday 4th April.

  • What should you do to connect with your audience and bring energy to your performance?
  • How can you create a Set from your repertoire to suit your audience’s palate?
  • How do you handle interruptions and hecklers?

These and more topics will be covered in the morning section of the workshop, when we will also have a musician’s jam session and a workshop for vocalists. In the afternoon, we will hold an open mic showcase, where attendants will be able to go on stage and test what they learned, to then receive positive feedback from our panel of experts and a cheerful audience.

There is a super early bird special price for tickets until next Saturday, February 29th. To book your place and solve any questions, go to Cafemnee’s site or write to cafemnee@gmail.com. Please bear in mind that this event aimed only to women.

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