Get your sax ready: enrol today for tailored sax lessons online!

For a limited time, you have the chance to sing up for live sax lesson with multi-award winning saxophonist Millicent Stephenson. This rare opportunity will allow you to get classes directly to your home through your favourite videoconference platform (Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp, etc.) and work with Millicent to achieve your own goals.

If you are a beginner who still doubts whether buying that sax was a good idea, someone who wants to dust off the sax that has been on the attic for a bit too long, or an experienced saxophonist who wants to hone a specific skill, these lessons are perfect for you.

There are not area restrictions, you only need to have access to a saxophone and a stable internet connection, and to be proficient in English. To find out more about available hours, payment methods and how to book your lessons, contact Millicent through call/whatsapp (+44 7976 279 736) or through e-mail using

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