How was Sue’s experience with Harry Hartmann fiberreeds?

I am happy to share with you the following review of a Harry Hartmann reed acquired through my recommendation:

Thanks for recommending the Harry Hartman reeds, I  was happy with the reeds I was using, and not intending to change, as I’m the kinda “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”  type of girl.

The time came to re-order. Remembering your recommendation, I visited  the HH site and decided to try the carbon  reed, not really expecting to experience a great difference from the premium reed I was currently using. Well, my eyes and ears have been opened. I am loving the new reed , its quick response and tone are very pleasing. I have been playing with it for a month and I am about to re-order another as a back up.

Once again, thanks!


I am happy to see how the great quality of Harry Hartmann improves the experience of fellow players of brass and wind instruments. Remember that you can support me while shopping with Harry Hartmann by using my endorsement link. All the information is in my personal endorsement page.

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