Cafemnee, for the empowerment of women in music

When the times come that society opens up for dialogue and collective improvement, the consideration of intersectionality becomes more important than ever. Obstacles pile up the more of these “little boxes” society manages to fit you in: race, gender, age, financial status, health condition, etc.

Cafemnee is a project I created many years ago with the firm purpose of removing some of those obstacles and open the path for artistes, more specifically, for female musicians. In that community, all women are welcome, and we have been blessed with the participation of amazing artistes of different backgrounds and conditions that enrich our work and give us new perspectives on the music industry.

Every woman who participates in Cafemnee strengthens the community and the sense of sisterhood we have achieved, and that is what has made the project prosper even despite big challenges like the pandemic we are currently going through.

I invite you to check Cafemnee’s website, where you will see the resources we offer and the ways you and/or someone you know can benefit from our experience to make new voices be heard, now that society is listening.

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