Do You Want Online Sax Lessons? This Is Your Last Chance!

It has been delightful to keep on teaching despite the lockdown, using Zoom to connect with old and new students across the country and the world. Contrary to what some of us initially thought about digital platforms, experience has demonstrated that e-learning is a real possibility with a lot of advantages on its own, not just a weak substitute for face to face sessions. Of course it has its downsides too, but what doesn’t?

Despite the positive experience, however, I am about to close the slots for the online sessions. They were a seasonal offer for spring and we are already quite into summer, haha! This has made some interference with other projects I am developing, so I have to put a limit on the number of students.

The form and calendar will be open until July 31st. Go to the lessons page to find all the information, prices and how to book. And, if you know of someone who could benefit from this last opportunity, give me a shout!

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