SoundCloud, iTunes, Mixcloud… Where Else Do You Listen To Podcasts?

The first season of my podcast Success Beyond The Score had an amazing reception on the first two platforms I chose for it: SoundCloud and iTunes. That is what encouraged me to search for more podcast plaforms, where I could reach people who could potentially benefit from the info and themes discussed in SBTS.

My first idea was Mixcloud, and since around a month ago, you can find all the episodes of the podcast there. Now that I am preparing the second season, I want to look a bit further into more possibilities.

Now, there is a myriad of platforms out there and I don’t want to saturate you and myself with links and crazy crossposting. Let’s choose together just two or three more platforms to see what happens. Any recommendations? Is there an app or a platform that you wish you could find Success Beyond The Score in? Let me know leaving a comment here or in any of my social media!

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