Getting Up To Date With The Band: Noval Smith.

Remember that I talked about the talented guitarist of the Not Just Jazz band, Reuben Reynolds, some weeks ago? I want to continue getting you up to date with what the members of the band are doing, to honor and thank them in this year that, sadly, didn’t allow for the concert to happen.

In this occasion I want to talk about Noval Smith, a brilliant music producer who has been in charge of the keyboards for Not Just Jazz, and who also collaborates with me in Cafemnee, my project to empower women in music. The jam sessions he directs for the group are immensely popular, I dare to say they are the part of the workshop our members request the most and look forward to the most.

Since the beginning of lockdown, Noval has put piano tutorials and classes online. This is a great opportunity for keyboard players of all levels, I cannot recommend him enough! You can purchase a tutorial here, check all the other services available in Noval’s website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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