Let Anouck Tell You About My Sax Lessons

Anouck, one of my online students, was so kind as to write a little testimonial about how she has found my classes and her experience learning the saxophone through the internet so far. It says the following:

“I was fortunate to cross Millicent’s path.

I was looking for a gospel saxophone teacher and came across her website.

She is that, but she is much more than that. She plays with her soul, has a beautiful fully rounded tone when she plays the sax.

As a teacher, she is patient, supportive and observes a lot. She will try and chose the right time to mention her observations for the maximum impact.

She looks holistically at her student, as a person, to try and develop a customised teaching program focussed on their areas of development and their aspirations.

She is also business and technical savvy.  She doesn’t just think of mastering the relevant musical piece but also of the wider context of the relevant performance setting.

She is passionate at what she does and genuinely wants someone to succeed in developing their musicianship as much as she developed hers and I sincerely appreciate that.

Thank you Millicent for your support and inspiring me on my musical journey.

I can’t recommend her enough as a teacher.”

I am very glad to reach amazing students like Anouck through online lessons, specially knowing that otherwise we couldn’t work together (we live in different cities and it would be very expensive and time-consuming to meet face to face!)

Got you interested in sax lessons for yourself or someone you know? You can start today! Visit my sax lessons page to find out more.

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