UK Government Must #InvestInMusicians

The situation of musicians is critical. According to the Musician’s Union COVID impact poll of 2020, almost 40% of them are not eligible for government support due to design flaws in the aid programmes; a similar percentage is considering leaving the industry, and an alarming 88% considers the government has not done enough.

There is an opportunity to speak up for ourselves, but we must hurry: each year, the chancellor of the exchequer – the government’s chief finance minister – makes a Budget statement to MPs in the House of Commons. On 2021, the speech will be delivered by Chancellor Rishi Sunak this Wednesday 3rd March. Mr. Sunak’s choices are going to shape the finances of the country for the upcoming year, and it is essential that he knows about our struggles.

What can you do? The Musicians’ Union offers these options:

Share your message for Rishi Sunak on social media:

Write to Rishi Sunak at the Treasury:

By telling the MU what you have done through their Twitter and Instagram, you can also contribute to them refining their efforts to make our voices heard. Interact with @WeAreTheMU and the hashtag #InvestInMusicians.

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