‘Success Beyond The Score’ Season 2 Has Been A Hit

The second season of Success Beyond The Score has been a phenomenal jump from the original concept thanks to the contributions of the guests. Each has brought a whole different perspective about the music industry, which has added a lot of value to the conversations.

Who have we had on the show so far?

  • Tony Bean, music producer and record label owner
  • Louise Dengate, voice coach and agency director
  • Abigail Kelly, international operatic soprano
  • Anna Brooks, international saxophonist
  • Dan Whitehouse, singer and songwriter
  • Ruby Turner MBE, legendary R&B and soul singer, songwriter and also actress

I have had the time of my life interviewing these incredible people and sharing their knowledge with you. I read all the comments you leave on the multiple platforms that host the show and it is very gratifying for me to learn that this effort has been useful and entertaining for you.

If you want to revisit this season and also the first one, you can find all episodes in audio format on any of your favourite podcast platforms. Click here to open the YouTube playlist if you want to watch the video versions of season 2.

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