Learn To Use Backing Tracks Like a Professional Musician

Backing tracks are an incredibly important resource for solo musicians. Good backing tracks enhance your performance and give your music the necessary support to shine, while bad or poorly set tracks can overshadow your work with noise.

How to ensure you got the appropriate backing tracks? What do you need to consider? My course ‘How To Get The Best With Backing Tracks For Your Next Gig!‘ solves those questions and many more, including:

  • 7 advantages and 7 disadvantages of working with backing tracks.
  • Shopping tips and a list of websites where you can buy your tracks.
  • Details of the playback software and hardware you need for your gigs and rehearsals.
  • How to work out where to play or sing so you don’t get lost, fall behind or play ahead!
  • 10 real life examples of how to work with backing tracks at your next gig.

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