Add “Kingston Town” To Your Repertoire With My Music Sheets

‘Kingston Town’ is a song originally composed by Lord Creator, and it became famous in the UK thanks to UB40. Since I made a version for my saxophone, it has become a popular part of my repertoire, and I greatly enjoy to play it.

Do you want to know how it sounds? Here is a video of me performing it during a virtual concert that happened a bit over a year ago.

If you liked it, I have good news: you can learn how to play it too! With the help of Anna Brooks, I have made several music sheets available in my shop, for you to pick the one that suits your instrument better. There is even a signed version, to collect or to have as a gift!

If there’s any other song from my repertoire that you’d like to learn, leave my a comment, I’ll be happy to look over it. Happy practising!

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