You Can Join ‘Time For My Music’ Now!

Hey ! Are you a female musician? Would joining an online community of female musicians, who meet twice a month, help you to take your music to another level?

If you are struggling with:
· Getting gigs.
· Promoting yourself effectively.
· Identifying the type of tech you need to amplify your sound at your gigs, and getting tips on how to use said tech.
· Acquiring equipment , within a budget, to perform online from your home.
· Meeting likeminded women in an online space, who are also working towards their music dreams.
· Being part of a safe group where you can bounce ideas, ask questions, talk about your hurdles, and receive support.

Well, you are not alone! Once upon a time, I was a struggling musician too. I did not know how to get gigs; I did not know the best way to present myself on stage or to engage an audience. I did not have a following but dreamt of having recordings. Over the years, I’ve learnt so much and now I am a multi award-winning musician and my accolades are a very long list.

Today, I’m offering group mentoring through my online membership ‘Time for My Music’. ‘Time for My Music’ is an online membership community group for aspiring female musicians and its doors are now open for new recruits until Sunday 13th March, 11:59pm (UK).

What have the women achieved?

Hopefully, you saw the excellent performances of the women in our charity fund raiser for homeless people on my YouTube channel. To date, we have raised funds for the charities and we have 800+ views on YouTube, and it’s still climbing!

There are other achievements too. I was contacted by one of my clients who saw the performance and asked about one of the women. That woman is now booked for a wedding. Another woman has received bookings to perform in a restaurant, both of these are paid! Just this week, I’ve received three more enquiries for the women. The concert has boosted the confidences of all the women who are also making strides in taking their music to a professional level. We are exhibiting our photographs and bios in a Business Suite in Birmingham City Centre.

What if I’m not in the UK?

Don’t worry if you are not in the UK. Everything is accessible because of the internet and Zoom. The skills you acquire can be used or adapted to where you live. You can also exhibit your photograph and bio in our gallery.

What are the targets for this season?

This season we are working on:
· Setting up and utilising a YouTube channel to showcase your work.
· How to grow a fan base.
· Learning about all the components for putting on a live show.
· Putting on our third online performance.
· Include your photograph and bio in our photographic exhibition in Birmingham City Centre
· Bounce ideas, ask questions, talk about your hurdles, and receive support in on ‘Drinks, Chill and Chat’ sessions.

Is this about how to play my instrument?

Far from it. ‘Time for My Music’ is not about teaching you how to play your instrument, it is about getting you business ready to grow your music to the level you want. By the way, I can give general advice on how to improvise but this is best left to your music teacher.

How often do you meet?

The group meets twice a month online. One Wednesday evening for our workshop, and a Saturday morning for our ‘Drinks Chill & Chat’ session.


If you join ‘Time for My Music’ before 13th March, you will get 7 days, free trial! You’ll have access to our growing library of previous sessions, our online community group of posts, comments, etc. You will also be able to get a flavour of our ‘Drinks Chill and Chat’ session through our replays.

How do I join?

Click this link to learn more or to join. You will also be able to watch our concert videos and exhibition.

What is the last day to enrol?

Remember, enrolment is now on, but ends Sunday 13th March, 11:59pm (UK) so don’t delay.

I have questions!

No worries, email me at and I’ll be happy to help.

Looking forward to seeing you join ‘Time for My Music’!

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