Women In Music: Take The Next Step

International Women’s Day highlights the actions we, as women, do every day to ensure our place in the world. It is a day to celebrate ourselves and our strength and to commemorate the efforts that millions of women before us have done to get us where we are. It is also a day to reflect and decide what’s the next step.

Time For My Music is there for all women who see a future in music when they look ahead. The industry is still male-dominated and there’s a lot to learn and do in order to open space for women. This community aims to close that gap by providing training and resources related to the music business.

The group is receiving new members from all around the world. You have time until Sunday 13th March to subscribe.

These are some of the themes that we are going to cover this time:
· Setting up and utilising a YouTube channel to showcase your work.
· How to grow a fan base.
· Learning about all the components for putting on a live show.

And these are the activities or results we aim to achieve:
· Putting on our third online performance (watch highlights of the first and the full performance of the second on YouTube)
· Include new photographs and bios in our photographic exhibition in Birmingham City Centre
· Bounce ideas, ask questions, talk about your hurdles, and receive support in on ‘Drinks, Chill and Chat’ sessions.

Click here to see the full presentation and choose between the monthly and annual subscription, according to your needs!

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