I’m On The NatWest Accelerator Programme

I’ve been part of the NatWest Accelerator programme for some time now. My intention when joining was to develop my project Success Beyond The Score, focusing in particular on my online community for emerging female musicians, Time For My Music. I must say that it has gone very well, I’ve learned a lot! For this reason, I thought it would be interesting to share some information and insights of my experience with you.

The NatWest Accelerator was created to support entrepreneurs in the United Kingdom so they can scale their business to the next level. It’s a free educational programme and it doesn’t include a business partnership with the bank itself. All kinds of businesses are welcomed. On my group, there are people working in housing, safety, food, hospitality, entertainment, health, and more. The variety is very enriching. It allows us to make beneficial contacts with people we might not even think about otherwise. For example, I ended up joining African dance classes offered by a fellow participant who’s rethinking her teaching method. Who would’ve thought!

The programme helps participants rethink their businesses and the way they do things. We have a one-to-one coaching session once a month to track our progress and make adjustments if needed; there’s no room for skipping homework! We also have mentors and a physical space (hub) to work together from 7 to 7. On top of that, the NatWest Accelerator works in partnership with companies like Dell (technology), Hiscox (insurance), Free Agent (accounting) and Pinsent Masons (law), which can also provide support to participants through free one-to-one sessions and bespoke advice.

I believe it is essential to always keep growing, training and educating oneself. That’s what allows us to achieve great things. Be with a programme like the NatWest Accelerator, or any other opportunity you can find, I encourage you to take the step and work hard to reach your goals. Maybe leave it for January, though, it’s also important to rest and enjoy the holidays! ;D

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