Time For My Music, In Person!

time for my music drink chill and chat june 2023

After years operating online, my community group for emerging female musicians Time For My Music will have a meeting in person this Saturday 10th June! We are very excited to finally see each other in the flesh and share some quality time. In addition, we want to use the occasion to hopefully introduce more women to what we do. For this, we’ll open the doors to chill, chat and speak about Time For My Music during the afternoon. Attendance is free!

How to know if this event is right for you? Well, if:

  • You are a female musician (for example: pianist, guitarist, drummer, percussionist, wind player, singer, rapper).
  • Your music is your hobby, or side hustle, but you are not making much money
  • You are stuck with how to take your music forward
  • You are looking for a space to discuss situations that affect women in music, without cynical or negative feedback.
  • Knowing about mics, and what the buttons on an amplifier/PA system do, will help your next performance

Then yes, please come and bring your female friends too. The event going to take place in a venue of Birmingham (UK) between 2pm and 4pm. To get the exact address, all you have to do is to sign up here. See you!

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