The Clock Moved Back, But We Move Forward

Today, the clocks moved backwards one hour. The digital era has made the transition quite seamless; it’s mostly the oven clocks and similar that we have to adjust manually nowadays. Getting used to it, though, is trickier. Not in vain, the debate of whether to stop daylight savings time stirs up at least twice a year.

It’s not a secret that I favour the summer. I like the warmth and the light, the outdoor gigs and the myriad of events. While I appreciate the charm of autumn colours, the joy of Christmas and the cosiness facilitated by winter, it just doesn’t compare.

Regardless, seasons pass, and going with the flow of time, striving to see the best of each moment, is the best we can do. Remember to:

  • Stay active: The warm embrace of the blankets is tempting, I know. Don’t let the cold or the darkness stop you from doing things, though! Some people like to explore new hobbies during these times. If that sounds overkill, you can reflect on the year you’ve had so far. Acknowledge your achievements, and use that enthusiasm to keep going or plan your next step.
  • Go outside on purpose: We tend to trust having to go to work or to grocery shopping for our daily intake of scarce sun and fresh air. However, many times, this isn’t enough. Maybe our commute involves more cars and trains than any significant walking. Maybe a day without leaving the house turns into two, and then into three. Try to go outside once a day, regardless of your planned activities.
  • Stay social: Don’t lose contact with your friends and family during the winter months. There’s a lot to be done indoors, and if meeting each other isn’t an option, a call will do.
  • Take care of yourself: Make sure to stay warm and eat healthily. Keep your environment cosy and luminous. Take the time inside to go through your backlog of movies, series, books, podcasts, games and music that interest you and make you happy.

I hope these tips help you live the winter instead of enduring it! Of course, my music is also available on platforms like YouTube to add some joy and warmth to your day. If you want to develop your music career, you can listen or re-listen to my podcast Success Beyond The Score. It counts with three seasons so far. You can follow me on social media too (I’m on Facebook, Instagram, X/Twitter and LinkedIN) to be the first to know about my gigs, activities, initiatives, etc.

The clocks moved backwards, but we move forward! Let me say goodbye for now with my Caribbean Folk Medley, bringing you a bit of the sun and warm breeze of the sea.

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