This Week

Just finished one week of a three week break from gigs, and I’m enjoying it.  August and early September was pretty busy so I deserve this.  That said I’ve been using the time to work on my lines for my single, write reflections for Secklow Sounds and to practise things I generally don’t get a chance to do when I’m working towards a gig.  Currently playing through chord types and creating patterns. It’s fun!  I’m still teaching – new students and previous students.

The news this week has been peppered with hints about Kate and Will starting a family. Perhaps it’s the Royal way to have children early in married life but I think there is no harm in waiting just a little bit.  The early years of marraige is a good time to find out more about each other,  begin understanding likes and dislikes, balance work and social life commitments, etc, which builds a foundation to bring children into.  Of course they should have a family but not too soon and preferably when they are ready.

8 thoughts on “This Week

  1. Yeay! At last! Your site is up and we have lift off…… great stuff our Mill. (By the way, remember Will and Kate will have a nanny for their children so they’ll still have pleeeenty of time together :-))

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