Mr Freddie Jerkins III – humble and number 1

I had the privilege of meeting Mr Freddie Jerkins III (Uncle Freddie) – see picture below.  He has such a calm nature and really easy to speak with considering he has worked with great artists like Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Mary Mary, Kirk Franklin and many more.  Really down to earth guy! Respect! See his recording history here

Mr Freddie Jerkins III and Millicent Stephenson

So consequently it  had been a full but exciting Thursday!  The sun was out – which is excellent weather for the UK!  While driving to an appointment I received a call for a potential wedding booking from an events company – sweet! I met a really great person who works with number one artists and is humble about it  Tidying off preparation for leading Choir practise that evening.  The choir saaaang – kicking!  All of this while balancing being a mother, wife and business owner.  What a day!  Pretty tired as a result but elated.

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