My Live Audition – October 2013

Mr Freddie Jerkins III and Millicent Stephenson

Wow! Guess what? I’ve been selected to play at a live audition in London for none other than Mr Freddie Jerkins III !!  I don’t know if you recall but I mentioned that I met him earlier this month (see Blog 10/08/13).  The audition will be in front of a live audience.  The aim of this event is for Mr Jerkins to decide who he will work with and the audience votes will be part of the process.

I would love you to come and support me and give me your vote.  The venue is The Gaumont State Theatre, 197-199 Kilburn High Road, Kilburn, London, NW6 7HY.  It should take place the end of October and when I receive confirmation of the date I will let you know.


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