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Millicent Stephenson NTCG UK 60th Anniversary 280913

Saturday morning I woke at 5.45am – Ouchh!  I was playing Keys at 7am for the Women’s Prayer breakfast at my church.    I had to leave before the end though – without the breakfast 🙁 as I had to get across the city to make a 11am sound check. The event was the national thanksgiving service, celebrating 60 years, for the New Testament Church of God in the UK.   It began at 12.00pm. It was an exhilarating performance and above is a picture of me in action. I sold many CDs at the end and had great comments such as ‘…I’m so glad you finally done a CD…’ and ‘…I have your CD and can’t wait for the next one…‘and ‘…that was world class playing…’.  I also had an offer for an overseas gig – Pretty cool!

After soaring on kind words it was time to get back to earth.  I changed into denims and trainers to go shopping at a nearby store – needs must 🙂  Pretty weird passing people who applauded my performance in the isles at Tesco! All told I did not get home until 8.15pm. I unpacked my gig stuff and began practising again.  This time running my fingers over the piano preparing to play first keys with the band the next day.  I must admit by Sunday morning I could easily stay at home but it was worth going.  The band was tight and the worship team really enhanced the service.  It’s now Sunday night, just sitting here with a piece of cake and a hot drink. Just a day in the life of Millicent Stephenson.  Tomorrow it’s teaching sax and piano, another full day ahead.

Oh by the way, I have the ticket info for the live audition and I’ll put it in the next blog.


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