Small world with comfort zones

Millicent Saxophonist - Willesden NTCGI got home at 1150pm from Willesden Sunday night. That’s pretty good timing considering travel to and from London can be fraught with delays but this time the journey was pretty smooth. We arrived with time to sound check and prepare. It was so good to have a PA person who knew what he was doing and got the best sound for me – thanks Dave! The run through of ‘I am thine O Lord’ with the worship team in the sound check went well. We had not met before but they were on point in delivering the song in the service with me. Kevin’s vocal solo on the verses, Calvin and the band – exceptional.

You know, sometimes you have those Ooh moments when you realise how small the world is. I found out that Kevin’s wife is the daughter to the sister of a very good friend of mine (LOL! bet you had to read that twice to get it! Guess I could have said ‘Kevin’s wife’s mother is sister to a very good friend of mine but naw! LOL! ) Can’t forget the hospitality team who gave excellent care and attention to detail. I was looked after very very well!

The Praise Team opened up the service and aside from my husband giving a short word of encouragement in the middle of my set, I was the only act. Sharing my personal life experiences with and through songs is one facet of my music comfort zone. I relish opportunities to encourage and empower others and this night was just that. You know the Word has gone through when you hear positive comments such as, ‘it made a difference and I really enjoyed it’ and ‘I’ll be playing this CD all the way to Jamaica’ (referring to their holiday trip).image

There are many conversations I have with people at my CD stall. Interestingly I met two who used to play the saxophone. One had given it up many years ago and the other was taking a break due to ill health but mentioned they were inspired to continue as a result of hearing me play, which I think is fantastic as there are not many players around.

Thanks Ian and Lois for the invite and thanks Pastor Brown for your pulpit

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