Nelson Mandela – ‘I Will Go On’

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10 months ago I only had one gig planned for last Saturday afternoon but 6 weeks ago I was booked for another one for Saturday night, and by Saturday lunch time, due to the sad passing of Nelson Mandela, I was booked for an impromptu service in tribute of him for Sunday morning.

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‘We Sing His Praises’ at the Seventh Day Adventist Church, Wolverhampton on Saturday afternoon was a real roof raiser! The choirs, orchestra, groups and soloist rocked the house. Bro Douglas, the person who invited me and an octogenarian with a very good voice, surprised the audience by singing to them along the isles rather than starting on the stage.  Quite an entrance!  The Children’s choir would put any adult choir through their paces with their vocals and focus.  The rapturous voices and delivery of Clive Palmer and Friends also the Youth Choir was a pleasure to listen to. Thanks Doreen for your kind hospitality 🙂

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Following my performance I left the event at 8.15pm to get to the Marriot Hotel in Northampton, driving to another gig when I would normally be headed home …was something I had to put to one side.  I arrived there at 10.05 pm, This event celebrated 14 years of the ‘Life in Christ Church” which is based in Northamptonshire.  Shaking off the journey and playing  it was energising to see the response to ‘Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus” which I played for my opening number.  ‘Shackles’ got the dance floor bouncing with the feet and moves of the cute little children and adults alike. It put a smile on my face and made the effort worthwhile.

Life in Christ 14 Year Celebration

I did not get home until 1.00 am where I unpacked and repacked for the 10.00 am service in Birmingham later that day.  The service commemorated the passing of the great Nelson Mandela of South Africa and I found the invite a privilege and an honour for such an occasion because his life inspires me.  He is one of very few people who have affected many societies, globally, regarding equality. It is a work with more distance to travel.   In the service I dedicated my song ‘I Will Go On’ for that purpose because it is my wish that I, and also you, will continue to work for equity wherever we are.

Millicent at Nelson Mandela Memorial Service NTCG Handsworth 081213
Millicent at Nelson Mandela Memorial Service NTCG Handsworth 081213

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