Christmas Memories

Cleopatra (The Voice Finalist 2013) & Millicent (Saxophonist)
Cleopatra (The Voice Finalist 2013) & Millicent (Saxophonist)

This year has flown quickly and Christmas celebrations are in full swing. Last Saturday, 21st Dec, I played at a dinner dance raising funds for Alzheimer’s Disease.  It was organised by and held at the Centennial Centre. There were some fabulous dresses and cris suits! The food was quite good. On a personal level it was amazing to hear that people from the Afro-Caribbean population are more likely to suffer from this disease which steals our loved ones memories and identity while they are still alive.

Who did I share the stage with?  This time I shared the stage with smooth Lovers Rock artists Winston Reedy and Annette B; RnB/Pop diva Cleo Higgins (finalist of The Voice, UK) and comedian and host Teddy Bear – he was side splitting!

Hope you have a nice Christmas, don’t eat too much and don’t forget to appreciate those close to you while you still have them.


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