Now that’s love!

Millicent (Saxophonist) taken by Evette Chiverton 

I had a good time at the annual district convention of the New Testament of God in Stoke-on-Trent yesterday.  They are a nice and welcoming congregation, good food and encouraging words. It was one of those conventions that left everyone in high spirits.  My playing was well received but I was particularly struck by the experience of a newly wed woman, who told the congregation that she had a back problem (three collapsed vertebrae) which resulted in her being confined to a wheel chair however a recent operation means it’s possible for her to start walking again.  It was encouraging to see her faith and optimism so unspoiled by such a massive set back. It was also heart warming to see the support and love her husband is giving her as he has to care for her in all aspects. Now that’s love!


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