Dockland Reunion

Millicent Crowne Plaza Reunion June 2014What caught my eye on arriving to the Crowne Plaza Hotel was the picturesque surroundings of London Docklands and the sun bouncing off the water. It really felt as though I was somewhere else in Europe and this was a perfect setting for the celebration and reunion of friends of over 40 years, the occasion of my last gig.

I featured with Angie Le Mar whose stories and jokes about traversing strict parental rules and balancing British culture were riveting and excruciatingly funny.  I met some interesting people. A Photographer who had archives of the years of the guests from the 60s and 70s, people working with Royalty, managers within National Football clubs and Ex-pats who flew in for the occasion.

Millicent Crowne Plaza Reunion June 2014I received an unexpected surprise. One of the guest is a friend who I’ve not seen in 25 years. We played together in the Highgate Brass Band back in the day and he is now an author. My own reunion. CD sales went pretty well – I sold out and had to post copies the next day!  All this bodes well for my forth coming concert at the Crescent Theatre, Birmingham, 21st July, tickets almost sold out.

Must give a big shout out to Paula & the planning team (sounds like a group name – lol!) for the invite and DJ Divine for technical support and Tunes!

Millicent Docklands Crowne Plaza Reunion June 2014Oh yeah, still lots of traffic! Managed to take the wrong turn on the Blackwall Tunnel, went across the water rather than away! Bumper to bumper movement on the return. Highly frustrating but we got home!

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