Not Just Jazz – Pictures and Video

Well, today I watched a sample of the ‘Not Just Jazz’ video and I’m quite happy with the results. Not too long to go now before you see it too. In the mean time here are some pictures from the night.  More to follow….


Band members:

Keys – Noval Smith

Guitar – Reuben Reynolds

Bass – Jahinglish (Dave Grey)

Drums – Corey Lindsay-Keay


Backings Vocals:

Soprano – Marcia Miller

Alto – Taliesha Hutton

Contralto – Natasha Griffiths



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  1. Monday evening, the Crescent Theatre was lit with Millicent’s interactive flair. Playing original works and pieces from varying genre. A thoroughly enjoyable evening from reaction of other attendees, I’m agreed with.

    Some expressing appreciation in dance. The vibes giving license to just be.

  2. This Band ser up looks Awesome and I’m sure when all get the tack going nothing but bobbed head moving to Smooth and so gritty track Sound of the line up I know a few of the musicians most I have had the pleasure of playing games alongside of well done of Choice Nurse’s Milli cent bless all Jnr

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