Dressing Room Cheer!

Me at Adrian Boult BowingRecently I supported BBC Songs of Praise Choir of the Year, ‘Town Hall Gospel Choir‘, at the Adrian Boult Hall residing in the Birmingham Conservatoire. It was remarkable, not only for the fantastic venue, stage and audience but it represented the first time I was given my own changing room. And not just any old changing room but one with en-suite bathroom, arm chairs, coffee table, full length mirrors and a sumptuous finger buffet. This may not seem anything to write home about but in the past I have changed in shared dressing rooms, office space, meeting rooms and even the infamous toilet.  It was a pleasant change from the norm.

Adrian Boult BendThe other acts included Birmingham City Council Choir semi-finalists in Garath Malone’s TV show Workplace Choir of The Year, African drummers Fieshah-Amlak and Dez ‘Zungu’ Pusey not forgetting the slide splitting comedian and compere for the night Clive Palmer.

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