Sidecar to Heaven

MOTORCYCLE_FUNERALS_181I know that funerals and hearses are not comfortable subjects to talk about but I learnt something interesting the other day.   Did you know that it is possible to have your loved one transported to their big day in a stylish motorcycle hearse?  I didn’t.  After the service at Coton Green Church in Tamworth, a few of us were invited to visit the Hub of this business, Motorcycle Funerals, owned by Paul Sinclair, a member of the Church.  I know you are wondering if there were any dead bodies around, but no there was not.  Just lots of different types of bikes (Harley Davidson, Triumph, etc) with sidecars to transport the casket.  We received the guided tour and learnt the history. The Unit was far from morbid.  Very warm, caring and friendly place.

The highlight – Sitting on a Harley Davidson with the engine running. Really, really, really, really nice!  Never been on a motorbike before  – think I’m going to get me some bike lessons…one day!

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