I know they say you shouldn’t wish your life away but haven’t you wished for for a special time to arrive? A day to hold back time for that special occasion?  Well mine was this month – November.  Yes, all of November.  In October I looked forward to a month with no gigs…well except one…slowing down and catching up with things I had left for ‘tomorrow’.  Millicent Saxophonist 'Not Just Jazz' - July 2014Now I know it doesn’t sound glamorous but I couldn’t wait.  Now don’t get me wrong.  I love gigging very much but as an independent artiste and label owner when it gets full on I’ve got to admit there are some things that don’t get done in the other side of the business and they take a back seat.  The side no one sees. The things which oils the machinery like writing,  non gig related admin, catching up with reading, practising techniques, attending courses, etc.  So with November almost coming to an end I can say I did get work done.  Some work. But still there are a few things I couldn’t quite get to.  Oh well, I guess those will have to wait until… ‘tomorrow’.


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