Busy Bee Weekend

BBC Radio WM MicHave you ever had one of those weekends where you wished there was more hours in the day?  This is one for me, a ‘busy bee’ weekend!  This morning I carried out an interview for the Lighting technician position for ‘Not Just Jazz II‘;  Hassled with traffic from there to teach a clarinet lesson across the City; Rehearsed with the BVs for my concert; Now to rehearse for tomorrow’s gig. Oh and Saturday – load up and perform in Oxford; Sunday – Church, family time, then head to BBC Radio WM in the evening for an interview. Back to teaching Monday; some how and some where find time to finalise Set requirements before the penultimate practise with the Band on Tuesday for ‘Not Just Jazz II’. Not forgetting admin, lesson prep, eat, sleep,  future gig enquiries – just a little manic, but I’ll get there. I wonder how the Bees do it?

Yes, so Sunday night  ‘Chatback‘ with Nikki Tapper and Joe Aldred, BBC Radio WM, 8pm – 10pm. I’ll be discussing my latest projects. Tune in online http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p00z84kx or BBC WM 95.6 (UK).

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