How was Cafemnee’s ‘How to Bring Your ‘A’ Game’?

MPS teaching leftWhile it was a dull day outside, it was far from dull inside Manor Studios for Cafemnee’s ‘How to bring your ‘A’ Game’. The session discussion topic ‘Your ‘A’ Game Practise’ explored ten hindrances, ten myths and ten tips for improving your practise.

Helen teaching 1Helen Bentley gave an overview of the types of personal and musical aspects that should be part of our improvisation toolkit. This also included improvisation exercises for the women to try.

Pauline and CynthiaCynthia Fearon led an explosive Jam session with Cheryl Richards facilitating the Saxes. The women played pieces and had a chance to experiment with improvisational ideas gained from Helen’s session.


What did the women thing of the event? Here are some of their comments:

Althea and Helen set up‘I feel more confident to improvise’

‘Today more than met my expectations’

‘…I obtained more ideas for practising…’

Saxes set up‘I will organise my practise time so that I can reach my goals’.

‘I intend to be more specific with what I practise’

‘I will create a regular practise schedule and make use of a notebook’

Evaluation 1‘I will practise when I don’t feel like it’

‘It was good to participate in the improvisation session as it help me to gain insight in how to deliver a solo’

‘Today emphasised that I need to have more confidence when pEvaluation 2ractising with other musicians as well as the importance of perfecting my technique’

‘I will use the exercises from the improvisation toolkit’

‘I will experiment with new techniques’

‘Really enjoyed the Jam session’

‘Met new people…great ideas from other people…’

‘… excellent tips, inspiration and good company and food!…’

Next Cafemnee event date to be announced.  Watch this space!



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