Cafemnee – ‘What’s in your head space?’ Review and Next Meeting

What happened in ‘What’s in your head space?’

Saturday 5th March was a brilliant day for us at our Cafemnee session (a networking event for female musicians – see the Cafemnee page on this website for more details). We had a blast as we worked through and prayed about some of things that are in our head space when we perform or practise.  The big bonus is since our last meeting some of our women have gone on to make even more strides in their music.  Go Girls! I’m so thrilled!

Next Meeting: Saturday 17th September

Remember our next date is coming up really soon.  We look forward to seeing you and some of your friends on Saturday 17th September, 1030am until 4.30am.  The day is extended to include a longer jam session, as requested!
Venue: NTCG Erdington, Goosemore Lane, Erdington, Birmingham.

Want to know what the women said about ‘What’s In Your Head space?’? Then see below the picture of our attendees:

Cafemnee Attendees 050316
Cafemnee Attendees 5th March 2016

What did the women say about the session?

Q) Name one thing that you have achieved since our last meeting?


  • Challenging myself to play in the each of the 12 keys
  • Pondering on returning to playing the piano,
  • Developing an acoustic duet for gigs with my husband
  • As a result of Cafemnee I have gone on to take on solos.
  • As a result of Cafemnee I have structured my week to include practise
  • As a result of Cafemnee we have gone on to set up a female jazz band.

Q) What are some of the positive and negative things that is in your head space when you perform or practise?


  • Getting it right
  • The demands of juggling work and family while developing my music
  • Self-doubt
  • My confidence has improved
  • Must make an appointment with myself, in my diar, for personal practising, that way it will get done
  • Trying new ideas
  • Letting God take more of a lead in my playing
  • Realising the importance of understanding music theory

Q) What happened in the Jam Session?

We had keyboardists, double bass player, drummer (Djembe),Saxophones and vocals.  We warmed up over the II-V progression. Those who needed explanation about the II-V progression received it and those who knew what they were doing got on with the Jam.  we created our own harmonies and also tackled key changing.  We played through ‘Agnus Dei’ and ‘Praise is Rising’ and those who wanted to took the solo in the songs while others kept the body of the song moving.

Q) What was achieved for you in today’s session?


  • Friendship, fun, space to experiment with improvisation
  • Increased confidence, sharing experiences and ideas.  I feel enthused!
  • Playing with other female musicians in a non-competitive environment.
  • Our spirituality within the music.
  • Excellent Jam session, had a better understanding of 2-5-1.
  • Inspiration to revisit my passion for music

Q) What will you do differently as a result of attending today’s event?


  • Focus on practising constructively
  • Live in the moment!
  • Make an appointment with myself each week to practise
  • Seek out tuition to start pushing my development with my instrument.
  • Project my sound more when soloing
  • Find my instrument and enjoy it
  • Play more confidently

Well that’s it for now. Remember Cafemnee is for all levels and all instruments.  The aim of Cafemnee is to help female musicians network together, building each other so that everybody achieves their best in music.

Please feel free to forward this blog to any other female musicians you know. You never know they might be interested in knowing more about Cafemnee or attending a Cafemnee session.  Cafemnee is a musicians networking event for women and although its foundations are based on Christian principles, women who are not Christians can attend and are welcomed.

Kind regards


Millicent Stephenson

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