Hectic But Worth It

This week was pretty hectic but worth it!  Late nights and early rises and it’s not yet finished.  So I’ve just grabbed a few minute to let you know the latest:

  • Last Sunday I was on the ‘Urban Sound Suite‘ show at Black Country Radio with Matt Houston
  • Monday evening at Jam Radio with DJ Dragon Irie.
  • As Executive Producer proofing, checking and finalising the artwork for my album ‘Reflective Notes’.  Thanks Adrian, www.adazzledesign.com
  • Also agreeing the final mixes for the tracks on the album.  Thanks Ruben and Noval. Kingship Studios.
  • Liaising with the CD Replication company and managing and meeting the Friday deadline so that, all being well, the physical CD will be ready for my show ‘Not Just Jazz III‘ at the Crescent Theatre, Friday 8th July
  • Attending the Dance rehearsal last night for the show with Amayra Fuller – still a little achy today -LOL!
  • Teaching and preparing for one of my student’s Grade 3 Sax exam.
  • And now getting ready to play at a 50th Birthday party tonight in Manchester and a Father’s Day church service tomorrow, back in Birmingham.

It is a little hectic, worth it and I’m enjoying every minute.

Will speak soon!


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