Four Gigs in 8 days – Beat it!

curtis-walker-and-millicent-stephenson Black Achievers Award 2016
Curtis Walker (Comedian, Actor, Writer) with Millicent Stephenson (Saxophonist)

Yes, it’s been a busy week and I’m only mid way.

Four gigs in 8 days excluding travel time, it’s been go, go, go, go, go! These four gigs have taken me up and down the country in 8 days but I’m just pausing to say I haven’t forgotten you.

Saturday and Sunday – Nottingham (The Black Achievers Awards). Great night of accolades and triumphs acknowledging those who have achieved against great odds. Curtis Walker (Comedian, Actor and Writer) jokes were off the chart! Beautiful function room, great staff and on point technical staff – thanks Matt, Jo and the team.

Thanks Merlita and Davia for the invite and hospitality!

Monday – West Bromwich (Funeral reception of the late Hervin Johnson); Friday – London (Funeral procession, service and reception of the late Lois May Tomlin) and completing on Saturday – Manchester (60th Birthday party), return home Sunday!

Millicent Stephenson (Saxophonist) setting up

Lot’s to share and tell when I get a mo but in the mean time here is a clip of the jam with the Band at YMCA Birmingham.  Michael Jackson’s ‘Beat It’.

View it on Vimeo (no Ads) or Youtube.  Links below.

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