My View Of Three Rooms

So last weekend I was in London and experienced three rooms. Two hotels I stayed at are popular market variety venues. The first I was very rattled in. The second I was very settled in. The third, where I performed in, had valet parking, designer food and the hotel provided guest with cake boxes to take home birthday cake – signature Suites are around £2500 a night! 

Rosewood Hotel Holborn LondonOn the Friday I escorted my daughter and her friend to the 24K concert. Now 24K (said as two-four-K and not twenty-four-K) are a K-Pop Band (Korean Pop band) and quite a good band I might add.  They were stopping off in London as apart of their world tour. My favourite song being ‘Superfly’ ended the night and I was really pleased to catch that live. 

The hotel we stayed at that night, on the other hand, was a different mix entirely.  I got limited sleep in the small rectangular room which was cold, as the heating was not working properly. The double glazed window seemed like single glazing as you heard everything outside, and I mean everything.  It seemed as though they were in your room – Bus, trains, sirens, conversations. The furniture vibrated with the heavy traffic. The next morning after Breakfast we got stuck in the lift.  Now let me back up a little and say, we got into the lift, pressed for our floor, the Lift moved up and then jolted and stopped and all those horror and action movies flashed through my mind. Will we plummet to the bottom never to be seen again? May be we’ll have to climb out the ceiling tiles and climb the shaft, action hero style!!!!! But on the plus side the staff were a nice team. This hotel shall , however, remain nameless… I think it began with a ‘T’ and end with an ‘e’. The worst view of the three rooms.

Complaints and refunds issued we moved out and onto our second hotel for that night but not before sound checking at the 5* Hotel I was performing at that evening.  Now there is good customer service and there is brilliant customer service. The staff at the gig Hotel had impeccable customer service.  They all looked like they stepped off a magazine cover – themed 1920s checks and tweeds for uniform, neat hair styles, groomed beards, clean shoes. Their ‘Can I help madam?’ predicted your every need without you having to ask and they were never intrusive. The Hotel decor exceptional – wall to wall tall stemmed fresh lilies and orchids  in clear vases. Meals artistically presented so you ate with your eyes, your nose, then your pallet.  Mercedes, Rolls, Jaguar, Bentley are common place.  This location was the most exquisite of the three rooms.

But I had a good night’s rest that night at the second of the three rooms.  The room was lovely, comfortable and large.  And most importantly, quiet. Definitely a Hotel to keep on my list of ‘must stay again’.


(Please note the above picture was not taken by me as I was too busy setting up but it is a snap of the room I performed in)

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